Hi! I'm Ravi. I'm a programmer that wastes invests most of his time in Reddit and Discord communities when I'm not writing Discord bots for Mariavi or writing boring super fun school apps!


I've been programming for 5 years now. I'm well versed in C#, Java and Python, as well as know some JavaScript etc. and have experience with markup and query languages that allow me to build entire systems from scratch.

In my time of programming I have made two games, four apps as well as countless smaller Windows-based applications and have recently got into making smart bots for services like Reddit and Discord which is when I really started learning how to use Linux, Python and setting up my very own hosting server!

Currently I'm working on Banhammer, a Discord bot for Reddit moderators, Substarters, a Discord based community for Reddit moderators as well as a casino application for school which I have a public GitHub repository for as well as subpages you can find here!


I currently study at the Alte Kantonsschule Aarau as well as go to the engineering classes in the Berufsschule Baden as my goal is to become a programmer hopefully to work in the field of data analysis as I'm quite interested in statistics and general AI applications.

Prior to visiting the AKSA and BBB I was at the Bezirksschule in Zofingen which I got into early as I skipped a grade and since the 8th grade I've been programming, primarily in object-oriented languages such as C# and Java though my curiosity has lead me to work in environments where object-based thinking isn't the main aspect.


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