Fuzzle is a simple-to-use search engine written in Python. The main goal is to have something that doesn't take time to index your data and could be easily used in smaller applications while still retaining key features like tag-support.

As it was written in Python, and then ported to JavaScript, it can prove quite useful in applications such as simple websites as well as bots for Discord and Reddit.

Compared to its competitors, Fuzzle is dead-simple to use and still supports two fields (at the moment) which means you can feed in data with key and tag and get the entire data fed into Fuzzle back.

Fuzzle even powers this website!

The full code as well as documentation can be found on GitHub.


Be the first to try Fuzzle over here! The datasets are all open as part of Fuzzle's Git repository.

Search through 1000 movies.