Mariavi is the dev team behind Discord bots like Banhammer, Melon and Reddify as well as projects such as /r/substarters.

Amy also has a website!


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About us

The devs are Amy and Ravi who both met each other through Reddit. Ravi saw an ad she put up for people interested in moderating her subreddit /r/casualChildAbuse (RIP - 2019) and volunteered. They quickly became friends and started chatting about all their /r/CrazyIdeas such as a bot that would let them moderate the subreddit at the time. A concept quickly became reality and soon enough, /r/casualChildAbuse was practically being run through Discord. It would allow the mod-team to vote on things easier and get pinged through reports and new items. They were able to step up our moderation game quite a bit.

After /r/casualChildAbuse was quarantined and the moderator team parted ways, Amy and Ravi thought about creating a more customizeable version of the Discord moderation bot which they called Banhammer. A couple weeks into the project security flaws were discovered and the project was put to a hault and Reddify was born to ensure a secure connection between Discord and Reddit via 2FA. As they took on more projects such as revamping Substarters they decided to give their digital friendship a name and by mixing letters of their names, Mariavi was born.

With time they took on more and more projects such as Substarters - a community for Reddit users and moderators alike with the main goal of helping the communities grow as well as others! Substarters got a facelift when Mariavi was founded with bots that automated simple processes as well as Tags which were a way for information to be searched and added to and from a database that the moderator team had access to. The Tags have since been moved to the Melon - a utility bot for Discord servers that Substarters makes good use of.

Since then they take custom bot requests for a fee and are open to teaching you how to code for free as well as share bots and ideas with the community to encourage the creation of good bots on Reddit and Discord alike. They have a Discord server which you are always welcome to join and Amy has a website of her own! Check it out!


The Banhammer Bot is a Discord bot, currently in development, that allows Reddit moderators to moderate their subreddit from within Discord.
It has been inspired the concept of the bot we used to use back at /r/casualChildAbuse and is very simple to setup! Simply invite it to your Discord server and use !addsub to add your subreddit to it's database.

Important: /u/TheBanhammerBot needs to be a moderator of your subreddit in order to function properly.

Reddify is a Discord bot, that intends to connect your Reddit account with your Discord one via 2FA. Simply use !verify to have it send you a message and respond with "verify" to the message in Reddit and Reddify will take care of the rest!

Server admins can use !toggle [nick/role] to disable or enable the nickname and role feature on Reddify which changes the user's nickname (Reddit username)/role ('VERIFIED REDDITOR').

Melon is the first Discord bot to officially use Fuzzle. She is capable of storing "Melons" categorized by the devs that can be summoned by typing !melon [search]. She will then find the closest matches and if there isn't a 100% match, offer you to select one of them with reactions.

Other handy feature include reaction-roles: use !addreactrole [emoji, role, msg, channel] to have her add a reaction to a message that allows users to sign-up for roles in that server!

Substarters is a service by Mariavi for new and old subreddits to grow and expand. We offer tips for moderating a subreddit as well as help people start their own.

Substarters also is the first official user of Melon, with the intention of using her to display frequently asked questions through a simple command.