As mentioned, I spend a lot of time on Reddit. But I don't just farm karma contribute, I also make bots and scripts for it! Before focusing on programming for the platform since founding Mariavi, I moderated some subreddits including /r/nicegirls and /r/casualChildAbuse (RIP - 2019).

Egosaurus is a simple script that allows you to print, save and post your Reddit statistics to your local system or to your user profile on Reddit.

It grabs your karma breakdown, your moderated subreddits as well as miscellaneous information such as age of the account and top post which is also posted to the user's profile.

Seedless is a simple script to edit and remove your Reddit comments and submissions.

Unlike other, similar setups it's not limited to removing everything or maybe having a few sliders, but instead is heavily customizable. Rules can be added and each rule has a set of criteria that all need to be met if a comment should be removed under that rule. Only one rule needs to be true for the post to be removed, but each rule supports multiple criteria which all need to be met so that a post is removed.

The available criteria are max_age, min_age, min_upvotes, max_upvotes, nsfw and subreddit.

The 1000DOP-Bot is designed for /r/1000DaysOfPractice and tracks the community's practice days.